Anne Pack Renovation

Anne Pack is a Gulf War Army Veteran with 10 years of service spread between Active Duty and Reserves. During that term, she served 3 tours including time overseas. Anne was injured during her service and suffers chronic medical conditions as a result, including PTSD. 

In 2023 she purchased a home using all of her savings, only to learn afterwards that there was unidentified black mold in the interior due to a leaking roof. The mold was worsening her medical condition, and she did not have the funds to replace the roof and remove the mold.

Operation Command partnered with Carolina Trophy Roofs, Eastern Environmental, and CuCue Frontline Painting to replace her roof, remediate her mold issue, replace drywall and paint the affected areas. 

Anne is now able to focus on her health and her day-to-day life without having to worry about the unfortunate living situation she found herself in as a new homeowner. We are so honored to have been a part of this transformation!