Bob Pettersen Renovation

Bob Pettersen is a retired United States Marine Corp Veteran who lives in Ocean Isle Beach, NC. Bob sustained service related injuries which have left him with chronic neck pain as well as hip and leg issues limiting his overall mobility. 

Bob did not have central heat and air in his home and needed roof and floor repairs as well as a bathroom renovation that enabled handicap accessibility. We addressed the immediate need for heat by installing a new HVAC unit. We then completed the roofing repairs and flooring and bathroom renovations in February 2024.

We owe a huge thank you to Cass Prince with Resolute CPRS LLC for bringing in a great group of local subcontractors to manage these renovations for Bob during their busy schedule. Cass is a local GC and a Veteran himself, and he volunteered his time to organize and supervise the entire project.

Thanks also to the subcontractors that completed the work, some for free, to make Bob's house safe and warm.


Cass Prince with Resolute CPRS LLC

Joseph Crawford with Coastal Mechanical, Inc.

Ben Salada with Nailed It Roofing Repair

Klinton with Klinton's Flooring